Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 50.
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This is the Dr. Beter AUDIO LETTER, Box 16428, Ft. Worth, Texas

Hello, my friends. This is Dr. Beter in Washington. Today is
Sept. 30, 1979, and this is my AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 50.

Forty years ago this month World War II began. On September
1, 1939, the German war machine of Adolf Hitler began the
blitzkrieg against Poland. Soon all Europe was aflame with war.
The flames soon spread to engulf the United States, Japan, and
much of Asia. In the nearly six years that it lasted, World War
II took an estimated 35-million lives. About half of those
killed were civilians--men, women, and children; but whether they
were in uniform or not, very few of those who suffered and died
had any real idea WHY.

The forces that led to World War II were set in motion in
secrecy, then the war itself intensified the secrecy on all
sides--secrecy in diplomacy, secrecy in planning military
campaigns, secrecy in developing new weapons; and, my friends, it
was a secret weapon that finally ended the war in the Pacific.

On August 6, 1945, the first atomic bomb was dropped in war.
It was dropped by a nation which thought of itself as a Christian
nation, the United States of America; and the city which was
chosen to be the first victim, had one of the largest Christian
communities in Japan--Hiroshima. One might have asked: Why are
the Christians of America killing the Christians of Hiroshima
with the world's first nuclear attack? But of all the questions
which have been asked about Hiroshima during the past 34 years,
that question has been asked the least, if at all. Everyone
knows this was war. Hiroshima was considered a major military
target; and so Christians or no Christians, Hiroshima was

Today I'm often asked: "If Russia's new rulers of today really
are Christians, why are they willing to kill people? And why are
they willing to do things which may cause even Christians to be
killed?" The answer today is the same as it was in World War
II--THIS IS WAR. But today, after four decades of increasing
secrecy, war itself is secret. Not only do we not know the
reasons for war, we do not even know certain kinds of warfare are
taking place! The most important military and political
developments today are parts of a secret war in which the United
States is now the prime battleground. The battle is between the
new Christian rulers of Russia and their bitter enemies. These
enemies are the overthrown Bolsheviks and their close relatives,
the Zionists. The Kremlin of today is trying above all to
prevent their enemies from igniting nuclear war.

Last spring, as I revealed in AUDIO LETTERS Nos. 45 and 46,
the Russians began seizing control of the United States
Government. Key officials from President Jimmy Carter on down
have been replaced by doubles, and these doubles are not human
beings in spite of their appearance and behavior. They are
artificial, robot-like living beings called "Organic Robotoids."
When I first revealed these things, I braced myself. I knew that
many of my listeners would be unable to absorb them; but my
reason for doing it was the one I stated then: Without knowing
about the robotoids, events would become impossible to
understand. Since that time, robotoids in key positions of power
have been causing many surprises in the news these days. The
strangest surprises of all have been caused by the Jimmy Carter
robotoids. In AUDIO LETTER No. 48 two months ago, I detailed the
major instability problems the Russians are having with their
Carter robotoids. The holographic computer brains of the
robotoids include instabilities which were present in the real
Carter brain in a way that exaggerates those instabilities. As a
result, every so often a Carter robotoid does something so
unpredictable that it is dangerous to the Russians. An example
was the famous so-called "killer-rabbit incident" of a few weeks
ago. A Carter robotoid told the press in all seriousness that he
and his family had been attacked by a swamp rabbit while fishing.
Can you imagine?

The Russians want to rid themselves of the nerve-racking
problem of the unstable Carter robotoids. Earlier this month, on
September 15, an attempt was made to do just that. The alleged
President Carter was entered in a foot race, of all things, in
the Catoctin Mountains near Camp David. It was a strenuous
six-mile course which included much uphill running. Carter
robotoid No. 14 was programmed to run at maximum speed and not to
let up for any reason. The Russian strategy was simple: Runners
who over-exert themselves and who do not stop and rest when
danger signs appear can do themselves serious harm. Sudden
overheating, dehydration, and heart failure can take place
abruptly in extreme cases. Robotoids, as I have explained in
past tapes, embody a crude facsimile of human metabolism, their
hearts are relatively weak, and they live for only a few weeks or
months, depending on the stress problems. They have no
self-preservation instinct, so Carter robotoid No. 14 was
programmed to run like the wind. It was expected that suddenly
without warning he would suffer complete heart failure, collapse,
and die on the spot. If the robotoid died before aid could reach
him, everyone would just accept it as a tragic accident, and the
Russians would be rid of the problem of unstable Carter
robotoids. But the day of the race dawned cooler than it had
been expected by the planners. Carter robotoid No. 14 did
collapse, but did not expire instantly. His face turned a
deathly greenish-gray, and he was moaning and incoherent; and yet
when the Secret Service men picked him up, his legs kept running
as programmed. Finally an ambulance arrived, but Carter robotoid
No. 14 did not use it. Instead the robotoid was bundled off in a
car to Camp David, and there robotoid No. 14 finally died--too
late, and out of public view.

The purpose of the race had been to eliminate the Carter
robotoid problem in a way that would leave no questions--that is,
sudden death on the spot. But there would have been a storm of
questions if Carter's alleged death had been announced after help
arrived and took him away. So after the race, Carter robotoid
No. 15 showed up to reassure everyone. He looked nothing at all
like the deathly figure who had collapsed just a short while
earlier in the race. He looked like a new man, and in a sense he
was. The contrast between the dying robotoid No. 14 and the
fresh robotoid No. 15 is something you can see for yourself.
Just get a copy of Sports Illustrated magazine for September 24,
1979. On pages 16 and 17 you will see the pictures of robotoid
No. 14--stricken, stumbling, mouth agape. Then look at the
fresh, smiling picture of robotoid No. 15 handing out trophies on
page 19 only a short while later, and then ask yourself: Is this
the same man?

My friends, the robotoids are one example of what you need to
know to understand the secret war now going on; but there are
other things you need to know too, because the war between Russia
and her Bolshevik and Zionist enemies has many facets, and it is
very ancient.

My three topics for today are:

Topic #1--To most Americans the most worrisome headlines these
days are probably those about our weakening economy. By
comparison, most other major news events may seem remote and less
important to us. SALT II, troops in Cuba, and arguments between
Blacks and Jews may disturb us, but they hardly seem to touch
most of us personally. The economy is another matter. We all
have to keep food on the table, clothing on our backs, and a roof
over our heads, and it's becoming harder by the day to do these
things. Hardly a day seems to pass without some new item of bad
news about the economy. One day the Federal Reserve System
announces that it's raising its own interest rates to member
banks to an all-time record level, another day leading banks
raise their interest rates to their best customers to levels
which also set new records. With each increase, young couples
wanting to buy their own homes find it more and more impossible
to do so. For them the American dream of a home of their own is
fading into a fantasy. They are watching helpless as their
fondest hopes explode in the tornado of rising consumer prices
and runaway interest rates. But somehow, my friends, it turns
out to be only the average working man and woman who are being
priced out of borrowing the money they need.

By contrast, business loans are increasing fast, instead of
dropping off. Many business men are borrowing all they can get
regardless of interest rates. They are pouring their dollars
into plants and equipment, building up inventories, and in some
cases speculating in foreign currencies and gold. And so while
you and I are being squeezed out, big business is borrowing
dollars like they are going out of style, because, my friends,
the dollar is going out of style. They are expecting to repay
their loans later on with dollars that are almost worthless.

Meanwhile, the bad economic news goes on. One day we're told
that unemployment is up--not good, we think, especially if we
happen to be among the unemployed. But at least this ought to
start bringing down inflation, according to most all the experts.
For years they have always told us that, but NO, inflation keeps
speeding up too. We know it is every time we buy groceries.

Next we hear that productivity is dropping off in the United
States. According to government figures released last month,
productivity was plunging at the fastest rate in five years by
last spring. That means that America's economy is becoming less
and less efficient and more and more service oriented. If that
is so, we wonder: How can we compete in world markets?

Then someone mentions that what is happening to the United
States' economy is called STAGFLATION. Our economy is
stagnating, and yet inflation is heating up. Again we scratch
our heads. This is something new to us in America. In the past
we have had recessions and we have had inflation, but not
together! Now we have both at once, and where is it all leading?
One clue to where it is leading is contained in other figures
released by the Labor Department last month. Last spring hourly
compensation measured in dollars was rising, people were
receiving increases in pay at a rate of about 8% a year in
dollars; but inflation is now outrunning these pay increases. As
a result, real compensation in terms of what you can buy with
your money dropped 5% during the spring quarter; so our pay
checks may look bigger and bigger, but on the average they're
able to buy less and less.

The sliding value of the dollar at the grocery store is
reflected also on the international monetary scene. Overseas,
holders of dollars are unloading them as fast as they can before
they can shrink to nothing. Dollars are being traded for hard
currencies like the West German Deutschemark. The shift is
massive. A few days ago on September 20 there was an effective
devaluation of the dollar against the mark by about 2%. Dollars
are also being traded so fast for gold that the trading has been
called "frenzied." That is why the price of gold in United
States dollars is soaring to incredible levels. Just two days
ago it passed $400 an ounce for the first time in history.

My friends, our growing economic woes are the fruits of
deliberate planning by very powerful men. I made much of this
plan public nearly seven years ago in my book, THE CONSPIRACY
AGAINST THE DOLLAR, published by George Braziller, New York, New
York. Now that the things I have described there are happening,
my book is out of print. But at that time most of my readers
simply could not believe that these things could really happen;
and so even though I identified many of the people responsible,
nothing at all was done to stop the plan. A year later in the
spring of 1974, I revealed in Congressional testimony that most
of America's alleged gold hoard was gone. It was a key
ingredient in the plan to destroy the United States economy on
the way to Dictatorship. I stood ready to back up my charges
with evidence and witnesses, but Congress did nothing. So I went
public with my charges. Public pressure finally led to the
so-called Gold Inspection Visit to Ft. Knox by Congressmen and
newsmen in September 1974. It was a fraud, and touched off many
questions and suspicions in the foreign press; but here at home
the fraud worked, and people calmed down about Ft. Knox. Nothing
lasting was done, and the plan for America's economic collapse

The fall of 1974 I began recording talking tapes. My very
first tape, AUDIO BOOK No. 1, was recorded 5 years ago next
month. That tape included information which my listeners could
use as a starting point in their own personal planning for the
events to come. I did not give financial advice as such, but I
did describe the kind of things which historically have been
useful under adverse economic conditions. Today many of those
conditions are developing all around us. Early in 1975 I
recorded a second tape, AUDIO BOOK No. 2 about the Ft. Knox gold
scandal. In that tape I gave more details about the secret
disappearance of America's former gold hoard. I also gave more
details about the economic and political upheavals which were
being planned for America's future.

In those tapes I gave the best information then available to
me, but I made the mistake of revealing an approximate time table
for coming events as they were then being planned. I stated
clearly that these were purely the plans and schedules of men.
My hope in revealing those plans was that by doing so I could
contribute in some small way to delaying or even stopping them.
My intentions in making public the secret time tables--which were
plans, not prophecies--were sadly misunderstood by some. I have
actually been condemned by some people because World War III did
not take place on schedule. Can you imagine? Even so, the
confidential sources who gave me that information which I
revealed four and five years ago knew what they were talking

For example, in those early tapes I revealed the plans of the
late David Rockefeller and his intimates for gold to reach $2,000
an ounce. At that time it sounded ridiculous to many people.
Even $200 an ounce sounded like too high a price for gold to
reach more than temporarily, but today gold has already
established a new record of at least $400 an ounce. The old
conventional wisdom is in the wastebasket. The so-called "gold
bugs" of only a few years ago have turned out to be too
conservative. Whether gold will still reach $2,000 an ounce as
originally planned remains to be seen. After all, the real David
Rockefeller has been dead now for seven months, since February
1979. Even so, the basic economic forces which he and his
collaborators unleashed now have tremendous momentum. The total
collapse of the United States dollar, and with it our economy, is
now only a matter of time.

There is a historical precedent for what is happening to us,
my friends. It happened in Germany in the early 1920's. It was
a case of super-inflation leading to disintegration of the
economy. The seeds of disaster were planted in July 1914 at the
outbreak of World War I. The German government did not want to
provoke opposition to the war by imposing heavy taxes, so instead
the redeemability of the mark in gold was suspended. Then the
government began borrowing to finance the war without any limit
on the amount of money that could be printed.

In the same way, the process of divorcing the dollar from its
gold backing began during World War II. In 1945 the gold backing
was reduced from 42% to 25%. Then in March 1968, Congress
quietly removed the last remaining gold backing of 25%. That
meant the printing presses were free to roll. Finally on August
15, 1971, President Nixon finished the job of untying the dollar
from gold. He slammed the international gold window, saying that
the United States would no longer redeem dollars with gold in
international dealings. What he did not say was that most all of
America's alleged gold hoard was gone by then.

The German government's action in cutting the mark loose from
gold in 1914 triggered the accumulation of currency during the
war. After the war ended, people began spending their stored up
marks, and inflation took off. And in the same way, after Nixon
closed the gold window in the United States, the prices for
international commodities began to zoom upward and gold followed
suit. As the German inflation accelerated, the German Central
Bank tried to support the mark in the international exchange
markets. Every time the mark would start sliding relative to
other currencies, the Reichsbank would buy marks using their own
reserves of foreign currencies.

It's the same today, my friends. Whenever the dollar starts
tumbling, we hear that the Federal Reserve, our privately-owned
central bank, is supporting the dollar. Sometimes the key word
used is that the Federal Reserve Bank is "intervening" on behalf
of the dollar. Either way it means that the Fed is throwing away
hard foreign currencies to buy up sick dollars on foreign
markets--in other words, throwing good money after bad. The
Reichsbank also tried to support the mark by giving gold for
marks, not at home but in the international money markets.

The parallel to this today is the series of "gold auctions" by
the United States Treasury. The Treasury keeps these auctions as
small as possible, because there is no huge gold hoard left to
back up the dollar. Instead there's a secret scramble going on
continuously to scrape together gold from various sources to
auction off. The gold is sold, in the words of the GSA
invitations to bid, "as is." There are no guarantees, and the
gold offered is highly impure instead of what is called "good
delivery gold." Even so, buyers gladly exchange their shriveling
dollars for the Treasury gold scraps.

For a while the German inflation gave the appearance of
stimulating business, but this was because no one wanted to hold
on to marks that were losing their value. Instead the money was
spent, traded for goods of all kinds which would not lose their
value, but this was a self-defeating process. As people became
more anxious to get rid of marks, they became less eager to
accept them. As a result, prices climbed ever more steeply.
Organized workers in unions managed to win pay raises but not
fast enough to keep up. Unorganized workers and those on fixed
incomes were left behind altogether. Wages in marks rose, but
real wages began to drop. This is the very thing which is now
happening here in the United States. Germans who earned a living
by legitimate work of all kinds began to slip downward in their
standard of living. The point was reached where speculation in
gold and commodities was the only way to keep up with inflation.

There are obvious parallels today. In recent years investors
have increasingly shifted their attentions to the Commodity
Exchanges, while the stock market wanders in the doldrums. As
for gold, who doesn't know about gold these days?

The German inflation reached the point where it fed on itself.
It was no longer a question of basic economics--it was a question
of confidence. People lost all confidence in the mark, and from
that point on the presses literally could not print marks fast
enough. By the middle of 1923, men were paid as often as three
times a day. Their wives would meet them and hurry off to spend
the money before it could depreciate still further. The point
was reached where doing business in this way became impossible.
Men would not work for money that was worthless before they could
spend it. Farmers would not trade food for paper that would buy
nothing, businesses started closing, food riots erupted, the
German economy started falling apart at the seams.

The German super-inflation was eventually stopped in the same
way that is always used when the currency collapses. A new
currency is introduced to replace the old one. In Germany it was
called the Rentenmark, and it was backed up by pledges that
restored confidence. Here in the United States our replacement
currency has already been printed for initial distribution when
the time comes. We will trade many old dollars for each new
dollar, but even the new dollar will not be backed by gold
because we have almost no gold for that purpose. Instead it will
be a garrison dollar--usable only within the United States,
unacceptable in other countries.

In AUDIO BOOK No. 1 five years ago I explained that those who
were putting these forces in motion were declaring war on us, the
American people. The four Rockefeller brothers were hoping to
end up as our absolute Dictators, on the way to conquering the
whole world. Now, the Bolsheviks here in America are trying to
take advantage of the economic forces which they helped the
Rockefellers set in motion. The Rockefellers were aiming for a
complete Corporate Socialism take-over, whereas the Bolsheviks
want a new Bolshevik revolution and a brutal State Socialism
take-over. The Russians meanwhile are using their robotoids in
key positions in an effort to thwart the Bolshevik design here in
America. The Russians did not create the forces leading to our
economic collapse, but neither are they trying to stop them.
Instead they are attempting to guide the process of economic
collapse here in such a way that it will backfire on the

Seven years ago, five years ago, even three years ago we the
American people might have acted to undo the forces leading to
collapse. We could have demanded that our gold be brought back
to Ft. Knox, that those who took it be punished, and that the
dollar be "good as gold" once again; but we as a people did
nothing at all! It was far easier to accept official lies than
the unofficial truth. So now, our land has become an economic
battleground in a war between the Russian Christians and their
ancient enemies. It remains to be seen who will win that war,
but either way millions of Americans are going to lose and to

Topic #2--Late last month, on the evening of August 30, another
of our never-ending crises began. News wires crackled with
ominous words from the Idaho home of Senate Foreign Relations
Committee Chairman, Frank Church. He was quoted as saying that
American Intelligence had confirmed the presence of Russian
combat troops in Cuba; and breaking with his past behavior, he
surprised everyone. He demanded the immediate withdrawal of all
Russian combat troops from Cuba.

What's going on, my friends, is another skirmish, a major one,
between the Bolsheviks and the Christian rulers of Russia. The
Bolsheviks in our government here in America are following a
strategy now which has important similarities to their Guyana
strategy of last November 1978. There's not enough time for me
to review all the details of what happened then. For those
details you may want to refresh your memory by listening again to
AUDIO LETTER No. 40; but for now, let me just remind you that
last November the Bolsheviks used tensions over Cuba as a part of
a larger strategy. The same thing is happening again now, but
this time there's an important difference. Using their
robotoids, the Russians are succeeding so far in staying one step
ahead of the Bolsheviks. Last time the real target was not Cuba
but the secret Russian missile base in Guyana. This time the
primary target again is not Cuba but the SALT II Treaty. And
yet, just as before, the Russians do not dare lower their guard
around Cuba or anywhere else because the Bolsheviks here will
lash out wherever they can find an opening anywhere in the world.

Last time the artificial Bolshevik crisis over Cuba was built
around MiG-23s. This time it is Russian ground combat troops.
Three thousand Russian troops could no more attack the United
States from Cuba today than the MiG-23s could have attacked last
year. What's more, the Bolsheviks here are using old information
about Russian troops now, just as they used old information about
MiG-23s last year. The alleged spy satellite pictures of Russian
troops in Cuba were not obtained last month as claimed.
Regardless of what robotoid Carter says tomorrow night on
television, the pictures are actually almost two years old,
obtained in late 1977.

Two years ago this month, on Sept. 27, 1977, the United States
lost the most decisive battle of the 20th Century to Russia. It
was history's first space battle, the Battle of the Harvest Moon.
I reported it that month in AUDIO LETTER No. 26, but it has never
been reported to the public officially. Following that battle
the United States and Russia were on the brink of war. The
Russians were pressuring our own rulers behind the scenes to
abandon their plans for conquest by nuclear war. America's
step-by-step surrender by unilateral disarmament under SALT II
was demanded by the Russians.

Meanwhile Russia's newly operational Cosmos Interceptors had
begun systematically destroying America's space fleet of Spy
Satellites. The Cosmos Interceptors, which are manned and armed
with Particle Beam-weapons were seeking out and blasting our Spy
Satellites one by one. The United States has no defense against
the Cosmos Interceptors, but the process of eliminating all our
Spy Satellites was a gradual one, taking several months to
complete. By April 1978 they were all gone, as I reported in
AUDIO LETTER No. 33. But in the meantime the CIA turned on all
of our Spy Satellites. The idea was to gather as much
information as possible world-wide before they were destroyed.
Normally they are only turned on selectively in order to extend
their operating life; but with Russian Cosmos Interceptors
blasting them into fireballs one after another, that no longer

One of the things picked up by the satellites in their dying
days late 1977 was Russian maneuvers in Cuba. The maneuvers were
taking place in brigade strength, which was puzzling. The
Russian Army normally does not use the brigade as a unit of
organization. It only made sense later on when it was learned
that Soviet troops, mostly from Asia, were being infiltrated into
Canada and Mexico. This is in preparation for possible invasion
of the United States across our northern and southern borders, as
I reported long ago in AUDIO LETTER No. 32. The troops are
entering Canada through the Province of Quebec as part of an
arrangement, a secret arrangement, between Russia and France. In
Mexico, they are entering through the Yucatan Peninsula. French
influence is also great in Mexico, although this is less well
known here in the United States. Cuba is the key way station for
the troops, whether headed for Canada or Mexico.

In AUDIO LETTER No. 32 I explained the manner in which the
Russian troops are remaining dispersed and therefore undetected
in Canada and Mexico; but when and if the order to invade the
United States is given, they are to form up quickly into
organized fighting forces. In planning this strategy, the
Russian generals concluded that the optimum organizational unit
would be the brigade, and so when the troops arrive in Cuba they
are trained in brigade-size maneuvers. Then they disband and are
injected into Quebec and the Yucatan Peninsula. So the
Bolsheviks here in the Government in charging that there is a
brigade of Russian troops in Cuba are telling such a small
fragment of the truth that it amounts to a lie. They dare not
tell the whole truth because that would open up questions about
our non-existent Spy Satellites. Even so, the Bolsheviks have
calculated cleverly. The Russians have no way in which they can
defend themselves by explaining what is really going on because
no one would understand. So it is once again a battle of
maneuver and intrigue.

My friends, when the SALT II Treaty was signed in Vienna three
months ago, I alerted you to be on the lookout for certain
things. At that time there was great publicity that SALT II was
in trouble in the Senate; but as I told you then in AUDIO LETTER
No. 47, the Russians were replacing key Bolshevik agents in the
Senate with their own robotoids. As a result, I was able to tell
you to watch for opposition to SALT II to gradually fade away,
and through the rest of the summer that is exactly what was
happening. SALT II prospects were getting better by the day.
Even so I also cautioned in AUDIO LETTER No. 47 that, quote:
"There remains a slim chance that the Bolsheviks will somehow
find a way to upset SALT II"; and also, quote: "The ratification
of SALT II could be the litmus test that will decide between
Peace or War for America and Russia."

These are the stakes in the struggle now over Russian troops
in Cuba. It began in mid July. Bolshevik sources began feeding
carefully fabricated tips about Russian troops in Cuba to Florida
Senator Richard Stone. Stone then brought it up during the SALT
II hearings by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. During
testimony by the Secretary of Defense, robotoid Harold Brown,
Stone unexpectedly asked about a Soviet Combat Brigade in Cuba.
Robotoid Brown had not yet been programmed for that question and
was puzzled; but robotoid Senator Frank Church, the Chairman of
the Committee, jumped into the discussion. Between them, the two
Russian robotoids Brown and Church defused the issue temporarily.
Robotoid Brown authorized robotoid Church to issue a comforting
statement to the Press. It denied that Cuba harbored a Russian
military presence other than advisers. But now, the Russians
knew what the Bolsheviks were going to use for their manufactured
anti-SALT II crisis. They knew they could not stop the
Bolsheviks from somehow breaking it into the open, so they played
for time. Every additional day made the SALT II Treaty just a
little more secure. Meanwhile, using their robotoids in key
positions, the Russians stayed alert for the next Bolshevik move.

In mid August the Russian KGB learned about the ploy being
cooked up by the Bolsheviks within the CIA. The robotoid
replacement for CIA Director Stansfield Turner had learned about
the intended use of the two-year-old satellite pictures of
Russian troops in Cuba. The Russians braced themselves. They
also programmed the Frank Church robotoid to take the initiative
on Cuba the moment he was told anything about alleged recent
satellite pictures of Cuba. On August 30 the Church robotoid was
among those who were informed about the supposedly new satellite
pictures. As programmed, he swung into action immediately. In
Idaho for the Labor Day recess, the Church robotoid summoned
reporters for a news conference. There he made the announcement
and hard-line statements which launched the present crisis. By
taking such a hard-line position, the Church robotoid surprised
everyone. Fellow Senators raised their eyebrows in astonishment
and so did many members of the Press, but it was a clever and
unexpected move by the Russians because in this way the Russians
took the ball away from the Bolsheviks. Senator Stone, who had
started the whole thing, was left no room to be more hawkish than
Church; and since Church is the Chairman of the Committee while
Stone is only a member, everyone promptly forgot about Stone.
Now when the conditions are ripe, robotoid Church will be in
command of the situation. Having been the hardest of the
hard-liners, he will have credibility if he later announces: "I
am satisfied. The Cuban situation is now resolved, so let us
proceed with SALT II." That is the outcome which the Russians
are striving for. Meanwhile the Russians are using their
robotoids in the Senate to delay a vote on SALT II. This is a
move to save the Treaty which would be defeated if a vote were
taken right now.

Meanwhile, very dangerous and intricate maneuverings are
continuing on both sides. The Russians are still having
difficulties with their robotoids and are having to introduce
them more slowly than planned. At the same time, the Bolsheviks
are beginning to regroup and regain some strength. As a result,
the risk of nuclear war is beginning to rise again. The danger
is still far less than it was at this time last year, but it is
growing. In fact, as of this moment a military war of nerves is
secretly in progress between Russia and the United States.

Three nights ago the National Security Council held one
meeting after another in this war of nerves. The meetings began
the evening of September 27, the second anniversary of the Battle
of the Harvest Moon, and they continued long through the night.
Russian robotoids in the Council were working overtime to keep
the lid on the situation.

Meanwhile, my friends, there are presently about 500 Russian
submarines in positions for possible attack around the United
States. About 200 are lined up along our east coast while 150
are stationed along the west coast, and roughly the same number
along our Gulf coast. Of course the Russians do not have to
depend on their submarines if they ever decide to actually
attack. For three years now, Russian short-range
underwater-launch missiles have been planted within our own
territorial waters, and for more than two years Russian hydrogen
bombs have been planted at their targets throughout the United
States. These range from tiny micro-nukes to giant dam busters.
Finally, the Russians also have their space triad of weapons, for
which we have no equivalent. One leg of their space triad
consists of the Cosmos Interceptors, which I referred to earlier.
Another leg is on the moon where Russian Particle Beam-weapons
have been stationed for nearly two years; and the third leg is
their fleet of Cosmospheres, which are floating high above our
cities and military sites. But as of now, the Russians do not
wish to attack.

Their actual goal is the opposite--it is called "deterrence."
They are using their submarine deployment to send a message to
the Bolsheviks here in America. In particular, the Russian subs
are deployed with special emphasis on the southeastern United
States, reflecting their concern for Cuba. That emphasis
consists of missile submarines known to be armed with neutron
warheads. Neutron weapons, my friends, are the most usable of
all nuclear weapons because they produce essentially no fallout.
So, by deploying them, the Russians are warning the Bolsheviks:
If you strike, so will we.

Topic #3--Over the past two years or so I have discussed the
struggle within Russia between the Christians and the Bolsheviks
since 1917. Current events cannot be understood without knowing
about the past six decades of struggle for control of the
Kremlin. But that struggle in turn is part of an even bigger
historical picture. What we are seeing today, my friends, is the
climax of a war of more than a thousand years between the two
most bitter enemies on earth. It is the war between RUSSIA and

The kingdom of the Khazars vanished from the map of the world
many centuries ago. Today many people have never even heard of
it, yet in its day the Khazar kingdom was a very major power
indeed, holding sway over a large empire of subjugated peoples.
It had to be reckoned with by the two neighboring superpowers of
that day. To the south and west of Khazaria the Byzantine Empire
was in full flower with its Eastern Orthodox Christian
civilization. To the southeast, the Khazar kingdom bordered on
the expanding Moslem Empire of the Arab Caliphs. The Khazars
influenced the histories of both of these other empires but, far
more importantly, the Khazar kingdom occupied what was later to
become a southern portion of Russia between the Black and Caspian
Seas. As a result, the historical destinies of the Russians and
the Khazars became intertwined in ways which have persisted down
to the present day.

In case you have never heard of the Khazars, I think I should
mention where you can look to learn more about them. Three years
ago in 1976 a book about the Khazars was published by the British
writer Arthur Koestler. The book is titled "THE 13TH TRIBE - THE
KHAZAR EMPIRE AND ITS HERITAGE." The American publisher is
Random House, New York, N.Y.

History records that the Khazars were derived from a mixture
of Mongols, Turks, and Finns. As early as the 3rd Century A.D.,
they were identifiable in constant warfare in the areas of Persia
and Armenia. Later, in the 5th Century, the Khazars were among
the devastating hordes of Attila the Hun. Around 550 A.D., the
nomadic Khazars began settling themselves in the area around the
northern Caucasus between the Black and Caspian Seas. The Khazar
capital of Itil was established at the mouth of the Volga River
where it emptied into the Caspian, in order to control the river
traffic. The Khazars then exacted a toll of 10% on any and all
cargo which passed Itil on the river. Those who refused were
attacked and slaughtered.

With their kingdom firmly established in the Caucasus, the
Khazars gradually began to create an empire of subjugated
peoples. More and more Slavonic tribes, who were peaceful
compared to the Khazars, were attacked and conquered. They
became parts of the Khazar Empire, required to pay tribute
continually to the Khazar kingdom. Tribute by conquered peoples
has always been a feature of empires, of course, but not in the
fashion of the Khazars. The so-called great empires of the world
always gave something in return for the tribute they exacted.
Rome, for example, made citizens of those they conquered; and in
return for the taxes they levied, they brought civilization,
order, and protection against attack from would-be invaders. But
not so in the Khazar Empire. The peoples who were subject to the
Khazars received only one thing in return for their payments of
tribute, and that was a shaky promise: the Khazars would refrain
from further attacks and pillage so long as the tributes were
paid. The subjects of the Khazar Empire, therefore, were nothing
more than the victims of a giant protection racket. The Khazar
overlords were therefore resented universally and bitterly
throughout their domain, but they were also feared because of the
merciless way in which they dealt with anyone who stood up to
them. And so the Khazar Empire expanded until it occupied large
areas of what is now Russia and southeastern Europe. By the 8th
Century, the Khazar Empire extended northward to Kiev and
westward to include the Magyars, the ancestors of modern Hungary.

In about 740 A.D., a stunning event took place. The Khazars
had been under continual pressure from their Byzantine and Moslem
neighbors to adopt either Christianity or Islam; but the Khazar
ruler, called the Kagan, had heard of a third religion called
JUDAISM. Apparently for political reasons of independence, the
Kagan announced that the Khazars were adopting Judaism as their
religion. Overnight an entirely new group of people, the warlike
Khazars, suddenly proclaimed themselves Jews--adoptive Jews. The
Khazar kingdom began to be described as the "kingdom of the Jews"
by historians of that day. Succeeding Khazar rulers took Jewish
names, and during the late 9th Century the Khazar kingdom became
a haven for Jews from other lands.

Meanwhile the brutal Khazar domination over other peoples
continued unchanged. But then a new factor appeared on the
scene. During the 8th Century they came coursing down the great
rivers--the Dnieper, the Don, the Volga. They were the eastern
branch of the Vikings. They were known as the Varangians, or as
the Rus. Like other Vikings, the Rus were bold adventurers and
fierce fighters; but when they tangled with the Khazars, the Rus
often ended up paying tribute like everyone else.

In the year 862 a Rus leader named Rurik founded the city of
Novgorod, and the RUSSIAN NATION was born. The Rus Vikings
settled among the Slavonic tribes under Khazar domination, and
the struggle between Vikings and Khazars changed in character.
It became a struggle by the emerging nation of Russia for
independence from Khazar oppression.

Over a century after the founding of Russia's first city,
another momentous event took place. Russia's leader, Prince
Vladimir of Kiev, accepted baptism as a Christian in the year
989. He actively promoted Christianity in Russia, and his memory
is revered by Russians today as "Saint Vladimir"; and so a
thousand years ago Russia's tradition as a Christian nation

Vladimir's conversion also brought Russia into alliance with
Byzantium. The Byzantine rulers had always feared the Khazars,
and the Russians were still struggling to free themselves. And
so in the year 1016, combined Russian and Byzantine forces
attacked the Khazar kingdom. The Khazar Empire was shattered,
and the kingdom of the Khazars itself fell into decline.
Eventually most of the Khazar Jews migrated to other areas. Many
of them wound up in eastern Europe, where they mingled and
intermarried with other Jews. Like the Semitic Jews some 1000
years earlier, the Khazar Jews became dispersed. The kingdom of
the Khazars was no more.

As they moved and lived among the Jewish people, the Khazar
Jews passed on a distinct heritage from generation to generation.
One element of the Khazar Jew heritage is a militant form of
ZIONISM. In the view of Khazar Jews, the land occupied by
ancient Israel is to be retaken--not by miracle but by armed
force. This is what is meant by Zionism today, and this is the
force that created the nation which calls itself Israel today.
The other major ingredient of the Khazar Jew heritage is hatred
for Christianity, and for the Russian people as the champions of
the Christian faith. Christianity is viewed as the force which
caused the ancient so-called kingdom of the Jews, the Khazar
kingdom, to collapse. Having once dominated much of what is
present-day Russia, the Khazar Jews still want to reestablish
that domination--and for a millennium they have been trying
continually to do just that.

In 1917 the Khazar Jews passed a major milestone toward the
creation of their own state in Palestine as I mentioned last
month. That same year they also created the Bolshevik Revolution
in Russia. There followed a Christian holocaust, the likes of
which the world has never seen. The Khazar Jews were once again
in control of Russia after more than 900 years, and they set
about the task of destroying Christianity by destroying
Christians--over 100-million of them, and at the same time over
20-million religious Jews also died at the hands of the Khazar
Jews. This, my friends, is what the Russian Christians were up
against in their 60-year struggle to overthrow the atheistic
Bolsheviks; but they finally succeeded in their overthrow
program, and now the 1000-year-old war between the Russian
Christians and the Khazar Jews is reaching a climax. At stake is
not only the future of Russia and of Christianity, but also of
the Jewish people as a whole.

Last month on August 19, 1979, Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum died in
New York. He died in the morning, and was buried the same
afternoon. Very short notice, and yet some 100,000 Jewish men
arrived in time for the funeral. It is hard to imagine how many
more hundreds of thousands could not arrive on such short notice.
A month later, on September 18, his followers placed a memorial
tribute by way of a paid advertisement in the New York Times, and
clearly it spoke for many Jews. Among other things it said,
quote: "He was the undisputed leader of all Jews everywhere who
had not been infected by Zionism"; and also, quote: "With a
courage all too rare in our time, he called the Zionist state 'a
work of Satan, a sacrilege, and a blasphemy.' The shedding of
blood for the sake of the Zionist state was abhorrent to him."

These words, my friends, were spoken by Orthodox Jews mourning
for their fallen leader. And the new Christian rulers of Russia
would agree for they, too, regard the Zionist state of Israel as
a counterfeit, a cruel and dangerous hoax for Christian and Jew
alike. The Khazar state called the "Kingdom of the Jews" a
thousand years ago was a parasite, living on the tribute from
conquered peoples. Likewise today, Israel depends for its
survival on a never-ending flow of support from outside. Left
unchecked, the Russians believe that the Khazar Jews will destroy
Christianity by means of Zionism, and Russia through Bolshevism;
so Russia's Christian rulers are on the offensive against their
enemies of a thousand years, the Khazars.

We Americans who call ourselves Christians have not cared
enough to open our eyes to try to save our own country, or to
defend our faith. So now our land has become the battleground of
the Christian Russians and their deadly enemies--the Bolsheviks
and the Zionists. And like it or not, my friends, we are caught
up in this all-out war.

Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter. Thank you,
and may God bless each and every one of you.

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